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Avi in Jerusalem

Comedy Offerings by Avi

145 min. – 1 hour Comedy Show
A fifteen minute talk-back session may be added featuring reflections on “Why would a nice Jewish boy become a comedian?”

2 What’s An Observant Jew Doing Working as a Stand-up Comic? (Why aren’t you in law or med school!?) Reflections on my first TV appearance on the day we commemorate the destruction of the Temple.

3Performing for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan: How I got kosher food at Camp Pegasus

4A preview screening of the documentary “Caution: Comics Crossing”
Depicts Avi Liberman’s Stand Up for Israel, an effort begun during Intifada Two and continued to this day: bringing top-tier Jewish, Irish, Italian, African American and Hispanic comics to Israel.

P.S. Avi is willing to do a special cocktail hour for big donors for your fundraising purposes.

The regular Artist-in-Residence weekend with Liberman is broken down as follows – this is all adjustable to weekdays and in different order:

Artist in Residence: Choose #2 or #3 for Friday night or Saturday morning; a full comedy show Saturday night; film screening with comedy interludes Sunday brunch or afternoon.

Avi on Craig Ferguson

Avi Liberman at City Winery

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