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Ruby Namdar was born and raised in Jerusalem to a family of Iranian-Jewish heritage. His first book, Haviv (2000) won The Ministry of Culture’s Award for Best First Publication. His novel The Ruined House (2013) has won the Sapir Prize – Israel’s most prestigious literary award. He currently lives in NYC and teaches Jewish literature, focusing on Biblical and Talmudic narrative.

Ruby Namdar resides in New York.


Living in English, Thinking in Hebrew: An Israeli Author’s Journey

in the winter of 2000, Ruby Namdar, a Jerusalem born Israeli author followed his heart to New York City and discovered the wonderfully rich world of American Jewry – a world about which he, and most Israelis, knew very little. Thirteen years later his novel The Ruined House, reflecting Namdar’s outsider-insider’s experience of the American Jewish experience, came out in Israel, received a tremendous amount of critical acclaim and won The Sapir Prize – Israel’s most prestigious literary award. The English version of The Ruined House is now published in the US (Harper Collins, Fall 2017) Ruby Namdar will share the process that brought to life this unprecedented literary work and the experience of living between two languages and two cultures.

The Absent Temple: A Jewish Author’s reflection of an ancient Jewish symbol

The destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, almost two thousand years ago, was a formative event in our history. This traumatic collective experience, which was no less catastrophic than the Holocaust, shaped our identity and culture. Ruby Namdar, author of the novel The Ruined House (Harper Collins, 2017), will describe the many ways in which the potent symbol of the absent temple influenced, and still influences to this day, Jewish culture.

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