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Chemi Shalev is a senior columnist and U.S. analyst for the widely respected Haaretz news organization. He has recently returned to Israel after five years in New York, where he served as U.S. editor and correspondent, writing about U.S. politics, U.S.-Israeli relations and the American Jewish community. He will continue to cover these issues and to report and comment on Israeli politics and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process from his home near Tel Aviv.

Mr. Shalev writes and lectures in both Hebrew and English. He is published in Haaretz’s print editions as well as on its website in Hebrew,, and English, He has been covering Arab-Israeli conflict, US-Israeli relations, Israel’s internal politics and American Jewry for over thirty years. Previously he served as diplomatic correspondent and commentator for several major Israeli dailies, including Maariv, Davar, Yisrael Hayom and Jerusalem Post. Mr Shalev’s columns on American and Israeli affairs are frequently cited in major newspapers throughout the world. He has been a guest-commentator on CNN, BBC, Sky, CBS and other television networks during times of Middle East crisis and has served as CNN’s resident analyst during several Israeli election campaigns.

Chemi Shalev resides in Israel but comes to the U.S. frequently.


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