Jason Suran

Kolot Management’s top booker during the pandemic has been amazing mentalist Jason Suran with his show Reconnected. A graduate of Jewish Day School from Chicago, Jason Suran is a New York based performer whose psychological illusions have been featured on television, radio and in venues that range from Carnegie Hall to the United States Pentagon.

Click in the center of your screen to listen to a trailer of Reconnected here

Often described as a “mentalist”, “mind-reader” or “demon we should kill with fire just to be safe”, Jason has earned widespread acclaim for his groundbreaking immersive performances.

In addition to a two year extended run at the McKittrick Hotel (home of Sleep No More ) Jason served as artist-in-residence at the Norwood Club in Chelsea and in January 2021, was named a New York Times “Up Next” artist to watch. His virtual show ” Reconnected” has become a smash hit among all forms of virtual entertainment and has sold out over 300 performances worldwide.

Kolot Management will bring Jason Suran to you via Zoom or in person. You will want him in your community. 

“Although this show happened on Zoom– believe me it is an AMAZING piece of theatre–I don’t think I will ever gasp louder or more often than I did during Jason’s show!” ~ Alan Cumming (Tony-winning Actor of Cabaret)

“Jason is that rare combination of mentalist who makes you laugh uproariously while leaving you wanting to question everything you have ever known to be true in your lifetime.” ~ Ben Stiller (Emmy-winning Actor of Meet the Parents and Zoolander)

“Suran is in possession of the rarest of 2020 breeds: a thriving piece of live theater.” ~ The Washington Post