Prodigiously talented black and white photographer and noted Jewish photojournalist Paul Margolis was recently acclaimed for his exhibit Hidden Ellis Island in New York City, with a two-page spread in The Jewish Week;  an interview on the Brian Lehrer television show praising Margolis’ work; and a feature article in The Times of Israel on his recent Israel photography project. Bring him to your congregation as artist-in-residence for an unusual weekend.

Paul Margolis Artist/Scholar-in-Residence presentations

Erev Shabbat or Saturday night: Jerusalem in Black and White

Woven into the Friday night service for congregations that allow electricity, and/or on Saturday night for synagogues that do not and for JCCs, photographer Paul Margolis will give a PowerPoint presentation of recent black and white photographs of images of Jerusalem. He was especially taken with the various marketplaces – Jewish, Christian, and Arab – and spent a great deal of time recording his impressions of those sites and people who work and shop in them.

Photographic tour of your city with Photographer Paul Margolis

(Usually done as a major fundraiser with a high ticket price attached to registration)
For the first 8-12 people who register, noted New York photographer Paul Margolis takes a group of synagogue or JCC members to multiple sites to photograph them, offering tips for most effective camera use. Margolis will offer instruction on choosing scenes to photograph, framing and composition, and effective lens use. (May either be downtown historic sites or Jewish sites)

A Jewish Photographic Journey

Paul Margolis will deliver a PowerPoint presentation highlighting his career as a Jewish photojournalist, documentary and fine art photographer. He will discuss how he came to be interested in documenting the Jewish world, and about his projects that have included photographing the small Jewish communities of Cuba and Ireland, Jewish poverty in New York City, as well as Jewish journalism for various publications.