Tovah Feldshuh

Tovah Feldshuh is a great fundraiser. Her memoir about her mom who died at 103 came out this year and has been jumping off the shelves – Lilyville! Several thousand people supported her book on a Streicker Center program. She autographs personalized bookplates too. Tovah has just been cast as Dr. Ruth, played her in LA, and is opening at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in December. Many people want Tovah, since the altekakkers know her as Golda and Pippin and Yentl and from Holocaust – and the young gen know her from Walking Dead and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. She gives the best Zoom session ever – exhilarating – both hilarious and serious! She will recreate her playing of RBG and Golda and others. Go to to see all that she has done, and enjoy her famous song “Where’s the Bathroom” from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – she will share her screen and open with this song if you wish!

From Perla Karney Artistic Director of the DORTORT CENTER for CREATIVITY IN THE ARTS at UCLA HILLEL:
“It is obvious that show business runs in your blood and that you love what you do. Thank you for making this hour fly by and bringing yourself fully to our program. I am deeply grateful and cannot thank you enough. You elevated the Dortort Center to another level.
Your fan forever…

Gisele Haykin: Director of Community Philanthropy at UCLA Hillel:
“This was the highlight to my Zooming life! Thank you for donating your time, energy, and insights – enriching us all. You are generous of heart and spirit. Bless the artist!!”