What They’re Saying

"Professor Everett Fox is as poetic as he is articulate and as engaging as he is thought-provoking."

— Rabbi Seth Bernstein, Congregation Bet Aviv (Columbia, MD)


"...Everett Fox knows how narrative works and prizes the Bible for its spiritual values. This is a rare combination now…Fox's version deserves to be seen as the one real modern successor to Tyndale's."
— Gerald Hammond, London Review of Books

"The sound and rhythm of his language arrive with a freshness that may well recall some part of the shock and consolation with which these old words confronted their original audience."
— Reynolds Price, New York Times

"A feast of satisfaction for those of us who always wanted to know what the Hebrew words really said! Anyone who has ever loved the Bible as revelation or poetry, as history or myth, will treasure this book."
— Anne Rice

"Startling. . . . Those who have been looking for an English translation of the Hebrew Bible that will, at last, let them glimpse the vitality of the Hebrew text will treasure this new translation and will wait expectantly for more translations from Everett Fox."
— Edward Mark, Boston Globe

"Fox's translation has the rare virtue of making constantly visible in English the Hebraic quality of the original, challenging preconceptions of what the Bible is really like. It is a bracing protest against the bland modernity of all the recent English versions of the Bible."
— Robert Alter, University of California, Berkeley

"No serious Bible reader--whether Jewish, Christian, or secular--can afford to ignore this volume."
— Jon D. Levenson, Harvard Divinity School