Robyn Helzner’s Jews of the World Programs

Did you know that China has one of the most positive Jewish histories in the world? In Kreplach & Dim Sum – Yes, There are Jews in China! Robyn shares this remarkable and uplifting story. You can view the trailer here. Robyn served as a Cantor in Hong Kong and officiated at the first bar mitzvah celebrated in Beijing.

And did you know that synagogues built by Sephardic Jews in the 16th century are still standing and in use in Dubrovnik, Split and Sarajevo? In Bridge to the Balkans – A Jewish Shelter from the Storm, Robyn introduces this little-known oasis of Jewish life through passionate songs, fascinating stories and captivating photos and video. You can view the trailer here.

Scroll down to see more of Robyn’s solo presentations including, As Time Goes By – The Jews of Morocco, Back in the U.S.S.R. – The Struggle to Free Soviet Jews (view the trailer here) and A Key to the Casa – Celebrating Jewish Life in Sephardic Spain (view the trailer here).