Three different films that I have arranged for you to have for 7 days for everyone to watch at his/her leisure, and then you have a virtual or live presentation with the film star and/or producer-director.

Each one of these movies can be either part of your film festival or completely separate from your film festival, because I represent the filmmakers and each one could be the film plus a great discussion with them and the stars of the film.

Trailer for Unreined:

This would feature a discussion with the two filmmakers, one in Israel and one in New York, and the star of the film.

Trailer for Land of Milk and Funny:

Film plus discussion and/or stand-up with comic Avi Liberman whom the film is about and, of course, the famous Black and Latino comedians whom he takes over to Israel and turns them into Zionists. Please see website Avi has been in Israel for 7 months since he had Covid in LA and donated his plasma 3 times. While in Israel he has gotten on a plane to perform comedy in Athens, in Dubai, in Ukraine, and was the first Israeli-American comic to perform in Moscow. You might just wish to have him talk about those experiences or do a combination of that and stand-up.

Trailer for The Optimists:

This one would be a discussion with the filmmaker, Eliezer Yaari, and Tariq Abu-Hamed whom the film is about.