Jessica Steinberg

Since the war broke out on October 7, journalist Jessica Steinberg from The Times of Israel pivoted from covering arts and culture to leading the site’s reporting on those held hostage, interviewing families and writing the stories of those missing and taken captive. She speaks daily with the family members and supporters of those held hostage, coaxing out their stories and crafting a wider portrait of these people and the tragic circumstances in which they find themselves.

Steinberg is a sharp, empathetic writer and dynamic speaker who can discuss the current state of affairs in Israel, as families grapple with different kinds of mourning and stress, from sons, daughters, husbands and wives on the front lines for the last two months, those who have lost loved ones in the attacks of October 7 and during the ongoing war, and how Israelis find meaning now and continue to cope.

She also writes a weekly Substack newsletter, and you can listen to her recent podcasts, read some of her most recent articles. Please call me to bring her virtually or in person to your community.