"Rabbi Dr. Wayne Dosick has the extraordinary ability to blend worlds — to balance the rigors of scholarly, measured discourse, while writing as a Rebbe, and being a guide to the soul."

— Rabbi Dr. Samuel Barth, Senior Lecturer in Liturgy and Worship, Jewish Theological Seminary

Presentations by Rabbi Dr. Wayne Dosick:

Kabbalah Alive!

Children of Spirit


Thoughtful and inspiring journeys into Jewish wisdom and spirit:
Four to six presentations during a Friday-Sunday weekend, with a choice of a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Dancing with God When Life Hurts
  • Our God of Good; Our God of Evil
  • I Pray That I Am Able to Pray
  • Creating Sacred Community
  • Bringing Up Ethical Children in UnEthical Times
  • Business Ethics: Doing Well and Doing Good
  • Jewish EnCHANTments
  • and the signature Workshop: Kabbalah Alive!: A SoulJourney Into the Tree of Life

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Spend an entire Friday-Sunday weekend exploring the “wonderful world of Kabbalah;” learn not just about Kabbalah, but “how-to-do” Kabbalah by journeying into the Tree of Life.

Click here for a full description of Kabbalah Alive! weekend topics, and suggested times for their presentation.


Choose any of Rabbi Wayne's topics  for an individual sermon, lecture, or teaching; or focus on one of the topics for a 2 hour, half-day, or full day workshop. Featuring the signature Kabbalah Alive! Workshop.


Hilarious stories and poignant tales. of Jewish laughter, and Jewish tears. In the jester lives the deepest truths, so, the wisdom of the ages is in this contemporary comedy. Good, old-fashioned humor; good-spirited fun. Nu, so what could be bad?

A preview of Rabbi's Dosick's newest work


An intriguing and fascinating account of the discovery of the real Name of God - that has been hiding in plain sight in the Bible all these years - and an introduction to the full Essence of the Complete, Whole God; an exploration of the pathways of  mind and spirit that bring us to the transcendent, supernatural God of the universe, and to the God of deep, personal, intimate, loving relationship - the immanent God Within.